September 18, 2015 Sian

How To Get Textured Beach Hair

How To Get Textured Beach Hair

Photos by Natasha Worby for MSR



Why is it that the ‘undone’ look is always takes the longest? Here are a few simple steps to get your beach waves rocking!

You ideally want to style this look on dirty hair – if you have just washed it be sure to get some product in the hair like Bumble & Bumble Texture Creme give is a blast with the hair dryer, lifting at the roots with your hand or dry with your head upside down!

Bumble & Bumble Texture Creme

Once dry section your hair.  Using a curling iron or wand, curl roughly 2″ thick pieces of hair. You want to alternate your curls in different directions e.g one towards your face & one away (this keeps the texture looking full) & leave the ends of your hair out of the iron – spray with hairspray as you go.

You can make your beach hair as curly or straight as you like by choosing difference thickness of curling tool, the thicker the tool the looser your curls will be!

Once you have finished your curls leave the hair to cool for 5 minutes before running your fingers through to separate the hair. You’ll then want to spray over with a salt spray like Got2b Beach Matte Salt Spray and give a blast of cold air from your hairdryer.

Got2B Beach Matt

Finally to finish the hair and give it extra texture. I like to get a penny size lump of the Got2B beach matt paste and run it through the lengths and ends of the hair, ‘scrunching’ the curls as you go…


and the result – beach hair like you just road the surf in bondi beach – Enjoy!

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