April 29, 2020 Sian

Postponing – A Real Bride’s Story


We find ourselves in the sixth week of lockdown. I think it has taken most people this long for everything to sink in, I know it has for me! When 2020 begun I was due to return from my maternity leave, raring to go and excited for the year ahead. Then the Covid-19 pandemic dawned upon us! I was closely monitoring our daily government briefings, knowing it was probably inevitable a wedding ban would come but still hoping that was not that case.

My main concern through this rollercoaster of a lockdown has always been my Brides, I’ve panicked, cried and got angry on their behalf. In the same breath my career and livelihood has been pulled from under my feet for at least 3 months (possibly much longer). Today I reached out to my bride Phillippa who kindly agreed to share her story from a Bride’s perspective. Hopefully this will help spread some insight and positivity to anyone who would have had an upcoming wedding and is currently going through the same process.


Phillippa and Andrew should have been taking their vows on 9th May 2020 at Tewin Bury Farm Hotel. I completed Phillippa’s bridal Hair & Make Up trial along with her sister back in February, they were such great company and I had been looking forward to the big day (and still am, just a little longer to wait!)




Phillippa’s Story


When did you get engaged / how long have you been planning for?

We got engaged on 18th November 2018 whilst on holiday in Miami and pretty much started planning as soon as we got back to the UK. We found our perfect venue in the January and then booked our wedding for 9th May 2020. So this gave us plenty of time to plan, save money and get excited.


I know your hen plans were also effected! When & where was your hen do planned for?

My hen do was supposed to take place 17th – 19th April 2020 and the destination was kept a secret by all of my bridesmaids and friends (which I was very impressed with/surprised about). We were supposed to be going to a lush villa in Spain. The only good thing about this being cancelled was that the weather that weekend in Spain was horrific and actually much nicer in the UK. My sister, who is my maid of honour, arranged a surprise virtual hen do on the Friday which was soooo much fun. I received a veil etc through the post and I think I got more drunk than if I was in Spain to be honest

When did it really dawn on you that postponing was looking likely?

We picked up our wedding bands on the 10th March which was really exciting and then my fiancé went to Munich for his FIRST stag do (yes he was supposed to have two) on Friday 13th March and it was really that week that we started to think that it was likely our wedding would be effected. On the Monday was when the lockdown started and we of course like everyone started making assumptions on what we thought might happen eg we would need to decrease the number of people at our wedding until it finally hit home with large gatherings being cancelled that we would need to reschedule/postpone.

How have you felt through the whole process?

To begin with we were both totally devastated that our day, which should now only be 2 weeks away, is now another 11 months away (we postponed from 9th May 2020 to 13th March 2021). The worst part was the not knowing what would happen, once we decided that we were going to postpone and were able to talk to the venue and all our lovely suppliers (including Sian) and agree on a new date we felt so much better. Being able to take back control helped us focus on the new date and now we can get excited about it again. We just really hope it rains a lot on the 9th May 😉

We know that the new date, when it eventually comes, will be even more special and that our guests will be even more ready to celebrate and party with us.

Have most suppliers been able to move over to the new date with you? 

Everyone has been fantastic, two things you really need in times like this are willingness from others to help and speed of response. Within about 30 mins we had contacted and heard back from all of our suppliers who confirmed availability for our new date in March 2021 and had us booked in.

Soon you are going to hit that date that would have been your wedding day, are you going to celebrate?

We will probably celebrate doing the 2 things we are great at, eating and drinking I am sure there will be some facetiming with friends and family and we will listen to the amazing music which we would have had feature in our day.  I am looking forward to it.


Well that sounds like a great way to celebrate to me! A BIG thank-you to Phillippa for sharing!

So Brides, if you have had to postpone – hang on in there, your day will come… Just think of all that extra time to perfect things 🙂

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