July 20, 2015 Sian

Why hire a professional to do my wedding hair and make up?

Here are just some of the benefits of having a professional make up artist like myself to do your wedding hair & make up on your big day!

 Professional Make Up Kit

1) You have got your perfect dress, jewellery and shoes… don’t leave yourself out. There is nothing worse than panicking that your wedding hair and make up hasn’t gone as you would have hoped before you walk down the aisle. Let a professional take care of that.
2) Your hair & make up will need to last throughout the entire day and evening. Only professional quality products combined with the correct skills and tools will achieve this.
3) When you look back through your wedding photos in years to come, you want to remember how gorgeous you looked and felt on the day. Professional, high definition products will allow you to look flawless on camera as well as in front your your congregation.
4) Consider paying for your bridesmaids wedding hair and make up (or a portion of) as a gift. Your photos and video will look 100 times better if all of the girls have professional beauty services, rather than those bridal parties where some girls have professional applications and some do their own, this is something which is highly noticeable in a photo.
5) An experienced team will do the work of planning a wedding hair and make up schedule to have you and your bridal party ready on time. The order of hair and makeup appointments will be organised to allow the bride to relax and have the people she needs to help her with certain things, like getting in the dress, at the right times = less stress on the day.

6) Professional wedding hair and make up is actually one of the most affordable services you can book for your wedding. Lets me honest, most people won’t spend much time looking at your place cards, but they will be looking at you, the bride, in person and in your photos… Don’t shortchange yourself on your special day.

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